About us

CHEMI MARKET has operated in the import and export area since 1988, specializing in supplying raw materials to such segments as: Chemicals and Petrochemicals; Plastics; Paints and Varnishes; Cosmetics; Pharmaceutics; Hygiene and Cleanliness; Footwear; Pulp and Paper; Consumer Electronics; and Construction.

CHEMI MARKET has a portfolio of chemical, petrochemical and finished products produced by global companies, which enable it to operate competitively in the Brazilian market, importing, exporting, handling and distributing products with high quality.

Through innovation, the key to guaranteeing leadership in quality, CHEMI MARKET has constantly diversified and expanded its product range, accompanying new trends and technologies.

Its strategic operational base, which is located in Suzano (SP), facilitates access to the port of Santos and to the main highways in the country, as well as guaranteeing fast service, reducing operating costs and contributing to the management of the company’s activities as well as those of its customers.

CHEMI MARKET operates with a commercial and technical service structure that is staffed by highly specialized professionals in the Foreign Trade, Chemical Engineering, Logistics and Administration areas, who advise our customers in developing new products and markets.

The company is also equipped with a fully computerized, up-to-date, operational structure, which is laid at the disposal of its customers and suppliers.

This is how CHEMI MARKET has strengthened its position during the last 25 years with the certainty that it is contributing to the development and growth of its customers, suppliers and collaborators by building up solid, effective business partnerships.